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Tender Service Group in Croatia

Croatia was one of our first countries, having founded "Tenderi doo" in 2004 as a Joint Venture between Tender Service Group and a Croatian business information provider. Since 2013, it is a 100 % affiliate company of TSG.

In addition to operating on the Croatian market, Tenderi doo also takes care of collecting and providing tenders from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to contact them:

Our Croatian tender service

Croatian public procurement law defines that bargain tenders - tenders below 200,000 HRK for goods and services and below 500,000 HRK for public works - can be published in newspapers or on websites of public authorities. It has become more and more popular to make use of this guideline, resulting in a substantial growth in sources that we monitor on a daily basis. Currently, our data team collects tenders from 12,300 Croatian sources:

Figure: Development of tender sources monitored by

Due to the fact that new tenders, their updates and publication of information on awarded contracts are published 24 hours a day, e-mails with new information are sent to our customers several times per day.

About public tenders in Croatia

Information in English language about the legal procurement framework in Croatia is available

However, a new version of the public procurement law is in place since 1st January 2017, implementing the missing guidelines of the EU directive such as selecting the winner based on the most economically advantageous offer instead of the lowest price. There is no English translation available yet.

E-procurement is already fully in place for tenders above the "bargain-threshold" since 2015. These bargain tenders should not be underestimated though: based on the Ministry of Economy, they accounted for 22 % in value of public procurement in Croatia.