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Tender Service Group in Germany

Our German company " KHI GmbH" was founded in 2005 in Berlin but settled in a town called Fürstenwalde, located between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder), soon after. The German company also operates our tender information services for Austria and Switzerland.

How to contact them:

Our German tender service

German law doesn’t define where tenders have to be published but only gives examples such as procurement portals, newspapers or websites of public authorities. There are more specific regulations in some federal states but with very few exceptions, these regulations are valid for regional government authorities only. Therefore, tenders are published in a large number of different sources. 

In total, we daily monitor more than 1,000 sources from Germany, and collected 291,131 tender notifications in 2018, a plus of 7.5 % compared to 2017.

About public tenders in Germany

Due to the size and economic strength of Germany, public tenders offer great opportunities: it is estimated that public contracts with a total value of 360 billion EUR are awarded every year.

Being an EU member state, procurement law is based on the EU procurement directive but scattered around various acts, making it difficult to find the respective paragraph.

The new procurement law became effective in April 2016, and Germany opted for the extension of deadlines until which procurement procedures have to be organized fully electronically.

One of the main acts where procurement is regulated is available in English language: Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB)