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Tender Service Group in Hungary

Our Budapest-based company “Tender-értesítő Kft.” was founded in 2005. It was the first company to launch a tender information service on the Hungarian market and sets the pace still today.

How to contact them:

Our Hungarian tender service

We daily monitor more than 2000 sources in Hungary to provide our clients with updated information about procurements. Apart from the growing number of public tenders in Hungary, our company also publishes numerous direct procurement tenders and tenders below national threshold.

In Hungary the field of public procurements still allows a great potential for foreign companies to expand to. Due to special administrational obligations tendering authorities commonly suffer from lack of bids, or one bid for a tender, which forces them to accept bids without real competition. provides a service to overcome these difficulties of administration and allow easy access to local tenders for all potential bidders.

About public tenders in Hungary

In Hungary public procurement is a growing field, where the cumulated net worth of contracts was over 6 billion EUR in 2016. With the recent change in the legislation, further growth is to be expected as now the 2017 law is extended to a wider scale of cases where procurement is funded by state subsidies, and reduced the number of invite only procurements.

Further insights into public procurement can be found at the Worldbank's procurement benchmarking report.