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Tender Service Group in Poland

Our Krakow-based company “Tender Service Sp. z o.o.” was founded in 2005.

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"Grupa Marketingowa TAI Sp. z o.o.", located in Warsaw, exists for 30 years already and was acquired by Tender Service Group in 2017.

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Our Polish tender services

Due to the fact that Polish public procurement law applies for contracts above a contract value of EUR 30,000 only, awarding authorities typically announce smaller contracts on their own websites, regional newspapers or private procurement portals. To provide the best service quality and quantity of tenders, we have acquired Grupa Marketingowa TAI, the owner of platform, in 2017. Thanks to the merged operations, we are one of the biggest tender service groups in Poland, monitoring more than 30,000 websites of public and private organisations daily.

Furthermore, our group not only monitors the market of tenders but also provides a number of advanced services, such as customized analysis of tender documentation or "Tender Report Service".

About public tenders in Poland

Poland's procurement law was supposed to be adapted to EU Directive 2014/24/EU during summer 2016. However, legislation process has been interrupted and still the regulations from 2004 are valid. They are well described by a paper of Poland's Public Procurement Office UZP. A full version of the Act on Public Public Procurement Law is also available in English language at

In order to comply with the EU Directive related to e-procurement, the Public Procurement Office launched the platform miniPortal, which provides the possibility of free communication between the authorities and the contractors, requests to participate in a procedure, electronic submission of bids, including the European Single Procurement Document.

Another good source of information is Worldbank's Benchmarking results.