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Tender Service Report

Tender Reports

Better Knowledge. Smarter Decisions.

Tender Report Service helps you underand which tender offers you the highest chance to win, what pricing strategies your competitors apply, or what tenders will be published in the upcoming months.

Market Report
Do you know how many tenders are published in your industry per year? What's the market volume? What are the most important players in this market? The Market Report answers such questions and assists you in several areas:

  • Understand your sales potential with the public sector.
  • Plan your resources to increase your market share.
  • Support your sales teams with contacts of most important buyers, quantities typically purchased etc.
  • Take (better) decisions whether entering a market.

Competitors & Pricing Report
By connecting tenders and results, evaluating winning bids and contracts, and visualising facts using graphs and pivot tables, you will understand your competitors like never before!          

  • Understand the pricing policy of your competitors.         
  • Know whether to bid or not for a certain tender.          
  • Identify what price will make you competitive.        
  • Detect authorities that fit to your pricing model.

Sales Leads
Our Sales Leads Reports directly support your Sales by providing you with names and contacts of authorities and private companies that need your product or services soon:          

  • Service contracts that will be tendered in the upcoming months.
  • Winners of tenders that need you as subcontractor, supplier of material or equipment, or supplementary services.         
  • Authorities that are expected to buy certain products soon based on their purchasing history.

Report on Demand
You have specific questions that can be answered with data from tenders and results? You spend a lot of time creating statistics or evaluating data that can be invested more efficiently in creating your bid? Then contact us to discuss how we can support you! 

Thanks to the high amount of data we handle, we have the ability to create reports with the most relevant information for your company. We create reports tailored to your needs with the data that will put you one step ahead of your competition. 

Request a personalized free sample to evaluate our capabilities.

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