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Tender Service Group in Romania

Our Romanian company “Tender Service SRL” was founded in 2007 in Sibiu, Transylvania.

How to contact them:

Our Romanian tender service

Our data team is collecting public and commercial tenders from Romania's e-procurement-platform, the official gazette "Monitorul oficial" as well as 2,500 additional sources, usually websites of public and private entities.

This in-depth research resulted in a significant increase in tender notifications in recent years, fostering our position as most comprehensive tender base in Romania.

Additionally, our Romanian team collects public tenders from the Republic of Moldova.

About public tenders in Romania

As a European Union Member State, Romania’s legislation on public procurement was adapted early 2016 to comply with EU procurement directive 2004/24/EU. However, some of the changes didn't become effective yet as the new version of the governmental e-procurement platform,, hasn't been launched yet.

Further details can be found at the Worldbank's benchmarking report on Romania.