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Tender Service Group in Serbia

Having started in Serbia in 2008 in cooperation with a local Serbian business news platform, we founded our own company "Tender Service doo" in Zrenjanin, Vojvodina in 2013.

Our Serbian organisation is also responsible for collecting and providing tender information from Montenegro.

How to contact them:  

Our Serbian tender service

The biggest advantage of our service is daily monitoring of nearly 700 tender sources and live contact with a personal customer service agent who creates custom-made search profiles.

About public tenders in Serbia

Serbian public procurement law is available in English language at the website of the Public Procurement Office, also several bylaws.

Since Serbia is not member of the European Union, procurement law is not yet fully in line with the regulations in EU member states, especially in terms of e-procurement. It was planned to comply with EU procurement directive until 2018, but has been postponed without indication of a new target date.

Further information about public procurement in Serbia is available at