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Tender Service Group in Slovakia

Trnava in Slovakia is both the seat of our holding company "Tender Service Slovakia, k.s." and our operational company "Tender Service s.r.o." which is responsible for our Slovak information service, launched in 2004.

How to contact them:  

Our Slovak tender service provides the largest database of tenders in Slovakia, plus the largest number of tender documents. The database consists of tenders of any limits, regardless of the type of procedure, so electronic auctions are included as well.

Small-value tenders for goods, works and services, which are according to the Act „not normally available on the market“ and therefore cannot be purchased through an electronic marketplace, may be published on any website. For this reason, our data team daily monitors more than 7,200 sources for tenders, result notifications or updates of already published tenders.

Thresholds for these type of small-value tenders are:
  • Services and goods (except food): estimated contract value below EUR 20,000
  • Food: below EUR 40,000
  • Works: below EUR 70,000

About public tenders in Slovakia

After many years of amendments to the Act from 2005, the new Act on public procurement - 343/2015 Coll. of Laws became effective on April 18, 2016.

The new Act on Public Procurement implements the current EU legislation. For the most part, the Act reflects the EU standards, however, it also includes several Slovak specialties. Some of the changes are:
  • Improved legal protection of the contractor with respect to the registration of references
  • New awarding procedures such as innovation partnership, negotiated procedure, electronic marketplace, centralised public procurement technique, electronic auction or dynamic purchasing system
  • Submitting and opening tenders divided in two rounds, with the related legal protection
  • Option for the contracting authorities to directly pay to subcontractors
More information about public procurement in Slovakia can be found on the website of the Office of Public Procurement (ÚVO).