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Tender Service Group in Slovenia

Our Slovenian information service,, is run by Ljubljana-based "Razpisi d.o.o.", a Joint Venture between Bisnode Slovenia and Tender Service Group. It was established in 2004, being one of the first countries for TSG to expand.

How to contact them:  

Our Slovenian tender service

Procurement law in Slovenia defines that tenders from 20,000 € for goods and services and from 40,000 € for construction have to be published on the governmental website. Currently our data team collects notifications for public and private tenders from more than 1,000 additional sources. In 2018, we published altogether 55.666 notifications - 25 % more than the Official Gazette.

About public tenders in Slovenia

Based on the draft version of Public Administration Strategy 2015-2020, one of the important goals is to improve the competences of public officials on several key areas, including public procurement. The strategy foresees the upgrade of skills of public officials and the enhancing of internal training. Slovenia’s current e-procurement offerings are relatively underdeveloped, although full transition to e-procurement is in progress.

Slovenia has a central e-procurement portal, managed by the Official Gazette. It became mandatory to publish e-notifications in 2017.
E-submission was introduced on April 1st 2018 and it is obligatory for all bidders. In 2017 authorities have awarded 15,844 public contracts with a total value of EUR, mostly purchase of goods.