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Tender Service Group in Spain

Our Barcelona-based company "Tender-Service Spain KHI S.L." was founded in 2010. It is not only responsible for the Spanish market but also provides tenders from Portugal and played a vital part in our expansion to Latin America.

How to contact them:

Our Spanish tender service

Due to Spanish legislation and federalism, tenders are published in many different sources: the national procurement platform, the official gazette, more than 100 bulletins and platforms of the Autonomous Regions (BOAs) and of provinces (BOPs), more than 9,000 sources of municipalities and other regional bodies as well as 2,000 of websites of other public entities, such as utility companies, hospitals, universities etc.

In total, we daily monitor more than 11,000 sources from Spain, and collected 345,951 tender notifications in 2018:

Public Tenders in Spain
Figure: Development of tender notifications published by

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About public tenders in Spain

Based on the Spanish Observatory of Public Procurement OBCP, public procurement accounts for 18.5 % of Spanish GDP, at total of almost EUR 200 billion per year.

A good overview of procurement framework in Spain is available at However, the new EU public procurement directive has not yet been implemented in Spain which will bring changes in the upcoming months.